There's Always Room for Dessert


Small batches made with local love and you in mind


For the Love of Baking!


When I was a little girl I'd always tell my mom that I still had "a leg for dessert". No matter how much I'd eaten there was always extra space for something sweet at the end of a meal, or really any time of day. My sweet tooth has always been and will always be my most talkative tooth and my love of baking has been something that has only grown over the years.

A delicious dessert can express more than words, we can show love with a plate of cookies, say I'm sorry with a fudgy brownie, or just relish in great friendship while taking turns licking the batter bowl. Sweet Semanas is my way of sharing joy through baking with the Tucson community. 

All Sweet Semana products are made to order in small batches. 

Food is all about creativity so many of our products are customizable. Want to dip a toe in the gluten free pool? Most of our cookies and bars can be made gluten free! Are you someone like me who enjoys a little cake with their serving of frosting? Make your favorite cookies into a sandwich with our delicious and rich frosting and ganache options. The possibilities are endless! 

Enjoy! And remember to always save room for dessert!




You've seen them, read about them, drooled over them, all that's left is to taste them! Order your sweet treats here. 

To place an order please fill out the following form. We ask that you place orders at least 1 day in advance of the date they are needed (Large orders will require more time). Once orders are submitted you will be contacted with a confirmation and a receipt. Orders can be picked up or delivered. Paypal or Euros are accepted forms of payment.